Posted by Karl Smallwood on Jun 28, 2012
Facebook Is Testing Your Friendship

Facebook Is Testing Your Friendship

 Facebook Does It Again!

If somehow you’ve not realised yet, you should know that Facebook has changed a very vital part of your personal information without you knowing. However instead of changing your status to “I’m gay, lol!” like so many people tend to do when they get a hold of somebody else’s Facebook, they’ve changed your contact details.

More specifically they’ve changed your email address, if for some reason you were bothered enough to click this link but not enough to click that one, basically your contact email address has been changed to an one as opposed to you know, fucking any other email service people actually use. Which among other things means people may not be able to contact you properly any more.

Which is a damn shame because some people need to be told they’re funny looking..

The main reason for this is that Facebook’s own email service sucks harder than a recent lottery winner’s fiancé. For one, is probably the most banned “at-work” site going, being banned by an estimated 54% of workplaces, making Facebook less acceptable at work than sexism.

Secondly if somebody sends you an email to your @facebook account it just goes straight into your messages, into the section marked “other”, did you know that existed? Because I sure as hell fucking didn’t until I researched this. I actually discovered it was filled with messages I’d been sent by people who aren’t on my friends list, all of which had remained unanswered, Facebook’s making me look like an arrogant dick who doesn’t talk back to people and chances are it’s doing the same to you. I don’t know about everyone else, but I take offence to Facebook making me look like Kanye West.

The really sad part is though, when first announced Facebook email was referred to as “gmail-killer” that’s like calling your dick “Lord Shaftington” and being single for two years. Only I’m not going to make that analogy, purely because when Facebook realised no-one wanted to use their product, they went right ahead and forced it down everyone’s throat anyway, and the last time I checked, doing that with your dick is kind of illegal. Doing it with shitty, sub-par software on the other hand is perfectly fine.

Of course, this isn’t going to stop people using Facebook, hell, nearly 60% of people use it to talk to people more than in real fucking life. Facebook isn’t competing with real life here, it’s Chris Browning the shit out of it, and in real life we have handjobs and pizza. I guess what I’m trying to say is, we all love Facebook and this isn’t going to stop us using it, but chances are this is just the tip of a very shitty iceberg.

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  1. Luke Holland says:

    Wait…so you mean doing all those things with Lord Shaftington isn’t legal? o.O

    Also, this is the first I’ve heard of this change, and I most definitely didn’t know that my messages had an ‘other’ section. Now I’m off to go check if I’ve been ignoring a bunch of people I don’t know also. :/

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