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The World Of Poo Review

The World Of Poo Review

The World Of Poo

Author – Sir Terry Pratchett
Published by – DoubleDay an imprint of Transworld Publishers

Release date – 7th June 2012

Poo, a subject that has never been a particular interest of mine and was not something I really thought I would pick up a book on. In fact I didn’t think a world famous author such as Sir Terry Pratchett would release a book about that particular subject but here we are.

Ok without going into too much detail I will try and explain what the book is about (as if you couldn’t tell from the title)
The world of Poo began it’s life as a book within a book, namely Sir Terry Pratchetts last novel titled Snuff (which we will review soon) however it evolved and became a book in it’s own right which while maintaining its roots as a Discworld novel actually has some bearing in reality as well, giving very interesting little facts about Poo that you may not have realized or in my case never thought of asking due to the fact it was about poo.

Anyway the story follows the adventures of young Geoffrey as he learns about the various importance’s of excrement from various sources including why dog muck especially the white stuff (whatever happened to that?) could be used in the process of making the very best leather. Geoffrey decides to start a museum dedicated to  poo from every creature on the whole of the Discworld which to most of us would seem like a disgusting project but when seen through the eager young eyes of Geoffrey is conveyed as a hobby like any other and a damned interesting one at that….I can’t actually believe I just said that.

In fact I would go so far as to say that while reading this book I didn’t feel disgusted even once, I kept reading with what began as a morbid fascination which very quickly turned into genuine interest as I followed Young Geoffrey on his quest to create the Discworlds first Poo museum. I don’t think I would actually go and research this on my own but I was fascinated by both the real and fictional aspects that the book brought to my attention.

I would actually recommend that this book be bought for the younger readers of the Discworld series. But then again I find that Sir Terry Pratchetts literary genius translates well to all ages and so I would say to any fan to go and buy this book as a welcome addition to the Discworld series.

I would dearly love to go into a lot more detail about the book but I wouldn’t want to spoil it all. So go out and grab yourself a copy and enjoy The World Of Poo (I may never use that sentence for anything other than in the context of this book…I hope)

An enjoyable tale which has earned a respectable 8 out of 10

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  1. “The disappearance of white dog poo is down to what dogs eat these days.

    White dog poop is the calcium left behind as the water evaporates, and the ‘organic’ components of the poop are consumed (in various ways) leaving the inorganic stuff behind.

    But nowadays dogs don’t eat as much bone as they used to, including bone meal. Also, tighter regulation on dogs crapping on pavements means that turds don’t hang around for years in public places like they used to, giving them less opportunity to dry out and turn white.”

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