Posted by Karl Smallwood on Nov 2, 2012
Was Derren Brown’s Apocalypse Fake? No. No it Wasn’t.

Was Derren Brown’s Apocalypse Fake? No. No it Wasn’t.

If you were anywhere near a TV or Facebook in the last few days you’ve no doubt seen something about Derren Brown’s latest TV special, in which he convinces a man that the world has ended. Far from laying down to accept the balls of an obvious demigod into their mouths, some have labeled the stunt as fake. Here’s why those people are retarded.

I’m going to liken this to the moon landing, which despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is still believed by some to have been an elaborate hoax on behalf of the American government. The same has happened with Brown. Now let’s just break this down, hundreds of people are in on this stunt and not all of them are going to be earning Derren’s wage, there’s catering, makeup artists, runners and the kid who makes the tea. If anyone, anywhere has any evidence that the whole thing was a hoax, what’s stopping them coming forward?

The answer is obviously, Derren would make them think that their balls were made of bees.

Maybe Derren paid them off, all several hundred of them, but a newspaper would still pay way more for exclusive proof of the stunt being fake and it’s not like Derren could do anything about it. Or maybe he had everyone sign a gag order? Again, when’s the last time that stopped someone? Money is a great motivater, perhaps the best, and right now news sources across the land are searching for something, anything to prove that “Apocalypse” is fake. If people literally trained to sniff out a story armed with almost bottomeless pockets can’t find anything solid to suggest the stunt is anything but real, doesn’t that kind of suggest that it’s probably fucking real?

Of course there will be naysayers and I know for a fact people will insist it’s fake, because people still say that about the moon landing. Even though this would suggest that thousands of people have access to literally one of the biggest secrets ever, a secret people would pay millions if not billions to know and have never once come forward. A secret that would require the compliance of yet thousands more independent scientists from every corner of the globe and several world governments.

So think about it. If people can really convince themselves that man didn’t land on the moon, that tens of thousands of people across the world are all part of some huge scheme, that NASA paid scientists wages to work for years on projects that never went anywhere and then paid off every single person ever involved, all while the entire Russian government tried to prove them wrong. Isn’t it possible Derren Brown convinced one man that the world ended?

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